Have you ever wanted to know what the best plugins for mixing are? Perhaps the answer is simpler than you think? In this tutorial you'll learn about the best plugins for mixing and the 6 categories they fit into.  Get your free ebook now by joining the free affordable home recording tips newsletter.

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ReaEQTDR NOVA parallel dynamic equalizerReaGateReaCompTDR Feedback Compressor IIReaVerbTrueVerbReaDelayFerricTDSAuto-TuneReaTuneR-BassADT - Artificial Double Tracking

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    • John

      David you are the man!!! My mixes have increased by 10x fuller & a bigger sound. Thanks for your knowledge

      • David

        Absolutely John, thanks for the feedback!

        • John

          I would love to get your opinion on a mix to see if I’m gone the right page- thanks

          • David

            Feel free to send me a link at [email protected] I do prioritize my paid students for mix critiques but may be able to take a listen in the next few days. Have a great rest of your weekend.

            • John


    • Chris

      This is the 1st time I’ve really seen Reapers interface….LOVE the mixing screen!!! So much like a console. 1 question…on the inserts, u can turn it off or on. I notice it’s ON for DYNAMICS, but also for time based effects (reverb, delay, etc) wouldn’t the insert be turned OFF for time based effects? As I’m sure u know, traditional signal flow…DYNAMICS are inserted..and time based stuff AUXed. If they’re both running through with insert ON, why is they’re an option to turn it off? I just don’t know Reaper. Sorry if it’s a dumb question. Chris

      • David

        Hey Chris! So one the interface, Reaper can actually be skinned by using themes to make it look and feel like any number of setups. I’m using this theme specifically because of its analog style features (meters, colors, ect).

        Reaper can routing is some of the most powerful I’ve seen in any DAW. It could send a signal to ya mammas house if need be ;) (ok not really) On inserts verse sends. It has full flexibility to do either and both. So your correct in that most of the time my delays/reverbs are being used through a send. However, that send is then going to another track where the FX is inserted and only the wet signal is allowed back out.

        Track inserts can be enable/disabled as a whole like you’ve mentioned. Most of the time my compressors/EQ’s ect are used as inserts on a per track basis. However in some cases I’m doing parallel compression where I’ll send an aux of a lead vocal track dry to another track. I’ll then compress the daylights out of it and blend just a touch of that back into the original vocal. This takes a non time based FX and used it with both an insert and send if that makes sense?

        Thanks for the comment and question!

        • Chris

          Thanks for the quick response and clearing things up a bit. For so long I’ve been of the mind that with there being so many great DAWS out there, and all of them working basically the same, but are laid out so differently, that really mastering just one, takes all of ones time. And because of that and PTs being the defacto standard (like it or not), it was the one I mastered. I can walk into any pro studio in the world, and there’s a 95% chance they have PTs…and they may have another DAW. So I feel like I’ve been forced into it. As beautiful as Reaper looks, the only reason I can see for really trying to master another DAW, is for one that’s stronger in MIDI or another area where the DAW far exceeds PTs abilities. And Logic seems to have that done. Idk why I’m on a ramble other than to say I love what I’m seeing from Reaper, but feel trapped into PTs so that I can move sessions pretty much anywhere. Hopefully in the future, someone..somehow can take a session file from one DAW, open it in a different DAW, and it’s workable. That would take the cooperation of all DAW companies working together and in business we know that won’t happen unless forced to. In the good ole analog days…I could track on any tape machine and console…and with very little if any stress, change consoles, tape machines, etc..File formats are there. If we could get plug in formats that work across ALL DAWs, from Le systems to HD systems (xxxx version for small studio/interfaces to XXXX plugins for HD systems across the board.) to a basic but modifiable routing system in every DAW..and finally translation of ALL mixing info.. (edits, automation, sends/rtns, etc.) Obviously it’s complicated, and not every single session parameter could or needs to translate.
          But again, all the big stuff. Plugins. Routing. Automation. All edits/fades…IDK what else. I’m not a MIDI guy at all, and one would think that would be very hard…but MIDI is universal and should translate VERY easy!!! So ALL MIDI info..
          I want to be able to work in PTs…or Logic…or REAPER. So why can’t the industry standardize these things?
          I know this is not what your article’s about, but after seeing how great REAPER is, it frustrates me I can’t jump in. I work with many other people in POST and sessions are xfered back and forth non-stop. Even with music. We pass session files back and forth between me (NYC), my bud in LA, and our other partner, Miami. We’ve had to compromise on music. I work in PTs, LA likes Logic, and Miami is messing with Cubase and wants to jump into REAPER.
          Sorry about the ramble…I’m not an organizer, but would love for someone or some organization to spearhead a unification of DAW structures so people can collaborate easier. Instead of 1 company monopolizing the industry. Chris

    • Steve

      Great information thank you very much

      • David

        Thanks for the comment Steve, glad you found the info helpful!

    • Gary Harrison

      Nice video, very cool song. I like that you are using reaper. I switched to reaper a few years ago, I’ve never looked back, or regretted the change. Love the fact that you used stock plugins for the most part. Reaper comes with everything you need to produce a pro mix. Some other plugins might be easier to use, or the visual interface is more appealing. Reaper pretty much has what you need though.

      • David

        Thanks Gary and I couldn’t agree more with your comments on Reaper!

    • Ben

      It’s all working great now. Thanks Dave

    • Tim

      Great info…couldn’t hear your sample tracks!

      • David

        I’ve just uploaded an updated version so the audio should now be working fine. Thanks for letting me know though.

    • Mike

      JAHU Not hearing the song Dave. just your voice.

      • David

        There is an updated video to be posted soon. My apologies for not having the music audio.

    • PJ

      Hi Dave

      The audio of the song doesn’t seem to be working in the video when you are playing the audio from Reaper?



      • David

        Thanks for touching base on this PJ, several others have now pointed this out ;). I’m re-rendering an updated version now and will update as soon as it’s online.

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