Compressing-Acoustic-GuitarIn this video post we are going to look at compressing acoustic guitar. Compression is one of the most valuable tools of any home music studio engineer. It is important to learn how and where to appropriately use it.

Compressing acoustic guitar is also a great way to add punch and balance to a simple mix. We will also cover the basic functions of every compression plug-in. These tips are applicable regardless of what recording software you use (demonstrated with Sonar X1). Please add your comments and questions to the section below.

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    • Mark Stevens

      Something is funky with e-mails, it still directs me to ppage, but is in weird format, just me???

      • David

        hmm, what page are you trying to go too? And what looks funky?

    • Dan Updegraff

      Hi David,

      When I compress L/R guitar tracks as you did, I have been matching RMS levels rather than peaks since RMS is the average sound level rather than the max level. I’m going to play with your approach and see if it sounds better. Thanks.

      • David

        Hey Dan, ya let me know how it works for you. RMS certainly would value depending on the mix. I focused more on the peak because the acoustic palm mute comes out a little hotter without that the attack being compressed.

        Keep my posted!

    • Mark Stevens

      I just received my upgrade price to X2! Looks like it’s time to make the wife mad, but at that price, she will have to let it slide, maybe early X-Mas present! Nice video, sorry to get off topic! Keep up the good work, and in X1 fashion,lol! (Maybe X2 in the future?) Thanks again!

      • David

        Ha ha, thanks Mark.:) Ya when I upgraded to X1 I got a free update to X2 when it comes out so I’ll be right there with ya soon! Have a great night.

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