In this episode of the show I talk about how I build my default mixing chain. I will tell you the 3 basic tools I use and why you should use them as well.

Below are links to the plug-ins mentioned in this episode.

Saturn Console Enhancer by Terry WestStripBus Console Emulation bundleFerricTDS – Tape dynamics simulator, ReaPlugs VST FX Suite

    5 replies to "Ep 32 | The 3 Elements of My Default Mixing FX Chain"

    • Stan

      Hi Dave,

      The website address for “StripBus Console Emulation Bundle” has been changed.

      Please update.

      New ref.



    • Dan

      Very useful information! Your tips will save me a bunch of time, THANK YOU!

    • William

      Great info! Just trying to get a home recording studio off the ground and any suggestions I can get is really helpful.

    • Dan Updegraff

      I use Samplitude as my DAW, but don’t care much for its compressor or EQ. The free version of Reaper’s ReaComp VST plugin is awesome, and I use that most of the time. Melda Production has a free set of VST’s too, and MEqualizer is my first choice for EQ. I seldom use it’s saturation knob, but may experiment more after watching your podcast.

      • David

        Ya keep me posted on your results Dan, sounds great.

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