Focusrite Scarlett 2i2Focusrite Scarlett 2I2 Usb Audio Interface $149.99
The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface is a 2 in/2 out USB recording interface featuring two award-winning Focusrite preamps. Housed in an attractive anodised aluminium unibody chassis, the Scarlett 2i2 interface not only sounds fantastic but looks great too. What's more it's solid enough to take on the road when you travel. The Scarlett 2i2 from Focusrite is much more than just a pretty metal box.

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    • Matt

      Hi Dave,

      I’m looking to purchase an affordable high quality interface for home recording on a limited budget ($100-$150). The DAW I’m going to be using is Reaper for a Windows 7 64bit laptop. The music I will be recording is mostly in the indie/folk genre. I will primarily be using the interface to record vocals, guitar/direct in, and various string instruments, predominantly upright bass and cello. The Condenser I’ll be using for vocals and strings is a MXL 4000. Do you think the Focusrite Scarlett 2I2 Usb Audio Interface would be the best purchase for my price range or would you recommend another interface?

      • David

        If you don’t need to recording a MIDI input than yes, the 2i2 is a great choice.

    • Andrew Mabini

      Hi :)) I’m a high school graduate, Stopped and not yet entered college because of monetary issues in the family. so there, you get an idea of the budget i’m looking for. When i get into college though i’m going to take a music production course and using my free time now to learn all about the ins and outs of studio recording. I’m looking to spend as low as possible for a good enough sound out of an audio interface with the features i need. The behringer xenyx series looks promising as a starter tool to produce some of the songs i have in hand. particularly the q502usb model. Pretty versatile features include two 2 band eqs, 1 mic xlr and line input, 2 stereo inputs and a one knob compressor among others. All this for a street price of about 50$. what i’m worried about is the sound quality it will produce. oddly the most important thing is the one that can’t be guaranteed even by different perspective reviews. Does anyone here have any experience with the product? does it sound good enough to produce and release a track with? Or should I go the extra mile and scrape up 150 bucks for the focusrite 2i2 for a truly great sound.

      • David

        Hey Andrew, I have had many years experience with Behringer products. I do run a pair of Truth B2031 studio monitors and I’m used to their sound but I’ve already had to replaced the tweeters in them. In your situation, if you want quality, nothing Behringer offers is going to compare ;). If you really want to get into the studio world, don’t worry about a mixer at this point. The reason I recommend Focusrite is do to their quality for the money. Their preamps and very clean and thats a big plus. If you are on a tighter budget though, I’ve done a lot of recording with the M-Audio M-Track That is a bit more affordable than the 2i4/2i2 from Focusrite but will produce much higher quality tracks that the Behringer.

        • Andrew Mabini

          Thanks so much for the reply :)). i was worried about the quality of preamps on the behringer. Gonna scrape up 150 bucks then for the focusrite. One last question. If i were able to raise up to 400 dollars for a basic home studio rig what should i buy? instruments are not a problem. only recording gear is needed right now :)). that 400$ should include the audio interface. i came across the zoom h6 and it seems like it offers almost everything one needs to start recording properly. 4 xlr/line inputs each with 12-48v phantom power (Expandable up to 6 inputs). alot of built in goodies and what sounds like a pretty good mic to record vocal tracks or record overhead drums with. it’s battery powered but it can be used as a usb audio interface as well. All in one box :)) sorry for the long post. i just really want to learn about this stuff and you seem like you really know your stuff ^^

    • philip

      Hello in your video you said to check how many inputs and outputs is needed to choose and audio interface. I need to record multiple tracks at one’s to my computer. I was looking at focusrite 18i20 interface can you let me know if it is the right choice? Thank you in advance.

      • David

        Hi Philip,

        That’s a great interface for sure. The question for you is how many tracks do you need to record at 1 time? What type and how many instruments are you wanting to record?

        • philip

          Hi David

          Well I need to record a total off 5 different tracks at one time. Let me explain.
          1. Main vocal
          2. Chorus
          3. Marimba
          5.bass drum

          I wanted to record one thing at the time but the people and then edit it and mix al track’s.but the music group don’t want that they said that it doesn’t sound the same. I agreed , and recorded them I have 2 ins/ 2 outs interface at the moment so i recorded them with 2 mic one for vocal the other for everything else, the problem with that is that the vocalist made a mistake and it wasn’t big. I said I’ll edit it right? Wrong the vocal mic has picked up everything else in the background and I wasn’t able to edit so that was a lost track plus time and effort. So sorry for the long text. But yeah I need multiple tracks recorded at 1 time like you said what do you recommend.

          Thank you

    • Mark Stevens

      I can back Focusrites pres, and clarity, I have the USB 6, and its USB 1.1! So highly recommend Focusrite, especially w/ Sonar software, they play well together,lol!

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