In this video you'll learn how to compress vocals using a very simple method that is both repeatable and works in almost any project. It's time to stop guessing on how you should set your compressor and start compressing your vocals like a pro!

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    12 replies to "How To Compress Vocals – Like a Pro!"

    • Curtis

      Thanks David!The tutorial was definitely helpful. I’m looking to start recording my own music to save some money.You have any videos on stacking vocals?

    • Tom Hertzler

      another helpful, easy to understand gem – thanks Dave!

    • Jack hudnut

      David, one of the best, simplist, descriptions of using compressors I think I have seen. Do you think “presets” offered by a specific plug in lead people to NOT learn these basics? Anyway, it was good to watch – and I’ve been mixing and engineering for over 30 years. Thx.

      • David

        Hey thanks Jack, I’m glad this connected with you. On presets, yes I do think there is a danger in that if we rely 100% on a preset we tend to not understand why something sounds the way it does. I don’t mind starting with a preset as sometimes seeing what others have done can get you a good start. It’s more important though to see and understand what the preset is actually changing to become a better engineer. There are times I will start with a preset if it seems to get me closer to what I’m after but I almost always end up tweaking it from there as I’m actually the one listening to the track unlike the preset :). Thanks for the comment!

    • chuck thomas

      This is awesome! Thank you so much for great, easy to understand tutorials!

      • David

        Your most welcome Chuck!

    • John

      Thanks for the lesson, Dave. The lessons on Eq limiting and compression are very interesting. I don’t sing or play music. I mostly do spoken word voice over. Do these techniques also improve just the spoken word?

      • David

        Absolutely John, I use compression as part of mastering all my voice over work.

    • David Womack

      Good stuff here, Dave. I’ve been at this a long time but being a singer/songwriter, my engineering skills leave a lot to be desired. I appreciate your videos and emails and a BIG OLE thanks for sharing your knowledge.

      • David

        Glad to hear it David, thanks for the comment!

    • Chas.Youngs

      -not an exact science is a good way to put it. Any help in the area to make faster, this process of enhancing vocals….is a good thing.

      • David

        You most welcome Chas!

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