Joe GilderDiscover 5 cheap tips for creating an expensive sound in my interview with Joe Gilder. Joe has been helping home studios excel for more than 4 years now. He is the author/creator of and brings a lot to the table of affordable home recording.

    2 replies to "Ep 29 | Cheap Ways to Create Expensive Sound With Joe Gilder"

    • Robert McClellan

      Dude! Your podcasts were amazing! Where did you go? You along with Joe Gilder and Grahm have inspired me to start my own podcast! Love you guys! God bless!

      • David

        ha ha, thanks Robert. I’m still here, just have been focus on premium content and trying to put into place new habits to get more free content up as well. I’ve not left just growing the site faster than I was ready for and thats a good thing ;).

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