In this quick tip I’ll show you how to quantize MIDI in Reaper. This is a simple way to correct timing issues in a MIDI track. The key to using the quantize feature is doing so without affecting the human feel of your performance. I’ll show you exactly how to do this.

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    • Fred

      I purchased $17 entro program and watched 5 videos and then rebooted computer and lost access to the other videos
      Fred Calhoun

      • David

        Hi Fred, you need to log back into your account. Click the login link in the header menu and use the password and username you created when you purchased, one you log in, your premium training will be inside the members area of the site. If you can’t remember your login please send use the forgot password link on the login page and then check your junk folder just in case the reset message goes there. If you still need help please email [email protected]

    • johnny ruffin

      Awesome A+!!! Thanks David that was a big help

    • Mario Pérez

      Hello David. What’s your Reaper theme? It’s great!

    • Taylor Sappe

      Hi Dave,

      I prefer the iterative quantize feature in Cubase, which allows you to quantize by a selected percentage with each click. This still allows for some timing differences within a piano chord, which makes for an even more human feel.

      This can be done while the music is play

      • Taylor Sappe

        Sorry I hit submit prematurely.

        ….playing so you can keep nudging the quantize until you find the sweet spot.

        • David

          Ya, Reaper also has a humanize function will can do the same thing. Thanks for the comment.

    • John Sheridan

      Thanks, Dave. Another good one!

      • David

        You most welcome John, thanks for the comment.

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