Did you know that most every DAW out there has simple yet powerful automation functions for mixing?

In this quick video, I'll show you exactly how to get started using automation quickly and easily. Make sure to share this post so others can find it as well.

Also don't forget to leave a comment below after you watch the entire video (less than 5 minutes) as I'd love to hear your thoughts too.

    14 replies to "Reaper Automation (works in most DAW’s)"

    • Roger Romeo

      Thanks again! The explanation I needed at the right time.

    • Scott

      Thanks for the info Dave! I have a question: It looks like you are increasing the volume knob (which on my setup is a fader). When I tried this on a track that had Reaverbate as an effect, it increased the volume- not the effect. Does it have something to do with which box is selected in Envelopes to increase the effect specifically?

      • David

        So I’m using Reverb through and aux send, thus increasing the fader on the track that has the reverb inserted on it, does in fact adjust only the reverb in my case. With most DAWs, you can automate almost anything just by adjusting that setting while in Write mode. In you case, trying adjust the mix function of the Reaverbate and see if you can get the same results.

    • Vincent

      Great info! Just wondering how to do that in Sonar X2 Studio? I know how to select a section, add an effect, and all that, but how do you add a specific effect for a section to pop up while you’ve got other effects on that track? This would be awesome! Do you have to clone the track, and then do it on the cloned track….just wondering???

      • David

        Thanks for commenting! Sonar is a little different in how much it can do by way of routing. What I’m doing in this demo is simply creating a new, adding my delay to this new track at 100% FX’s (no dry signal in the delay). I’m then creating an aux out from my main vocal to send into the delay track, Then the output of the delay and vocal meet up again in my buss mixes.

        In Sonar, you’d have to do this with a new buss track. Add your FX’s to this new buss (say delay for example). Then right click your original track, select “insert send” and select your new delay buss. Than this delay can be automatic like what I’ve done here.

    • todd goodson

      I have reaper and you are very helpful to me and my goal. So thank you for the tips. So as I can I want on your site and classes? Thanks again the Gunmelter.

      • David

        Great Todd! Thanks for the feedback.

    • Phil Miller

      Nice, straightforward and helpful demo. I also like the “theme” and layout. I’ve tried several over the years, but went back to the basic layout…(a faithful user of Reaper) What theme are you using in this demo?

      Thanks again.

      • David

        Hi Phil, thanks for the comment. The theme I’m using can be found here. http://bit.ly/1gaRpG1 I’ve always come back to this one time and again. Love it too ;)

    • Jim Krasinski

      Very interesting and useful presentation.

    • Schpank

      Thanks for the info..Valuable stuff..Your efforts are appreciated..

      • David

        Your most welcome ;). Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Andy M

      Thank you for the info been trying to figure that one out for a while

      • David

        Certainly Andy!, Thanks for the comment. Best

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