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You can download your copy of the Reaper DAW at Links to the Reaper DAW themes mentioned in this episode are included below.

Main Reaper DAW theme downloads:
Pro X-Tools v1.0.1

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    19 replies to "Ep 27 | Reaper DAW – 7 Reasons I Record With It"

    • Steve Feuerstein

      David, I enjoyed your video and introduction to Reaper.

      Over the next month or so I hope to launch a new program in the form of an online talk show. I am having a challenge determining which DAW I should use. Approximately 10 years ago I did use ProTools on an elementary level for to remotely broadcast an on-air (terrestrial) talk show in Metro NY. Your screenshots look almost identical to that of PT. If I were to use Reaper will the extensive number of tutorials available for PT training be applicable for a Reaper user?

      Much appreciated.


      • David

        Hi Steve, in general ProTools is different then Reaper. Big picture ideas will apply to both, exact program function will likely only apply to that softwares tutorial. I’ve used ProTools for years and made the switch to Reaper for many of the reasons I’ve mentioned in this video.

        • Steven M. Feuerstein

          David, thank you very much for your response.

    • Eric Anoee

      I’m considering getting Reaper to record my projects. I have a Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, and record into Mixcraft Pro Studio 7. I’m not knocking Mixcraft, in any way, but how different will it be recording with Reaper than Mixcraft? Is there a learning process I will have to go through? I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about Reaper, that’s got me considering recording with Reaper. Thanks!

      • David

        Theres always a learning curve with any DAW however, it’s well worth it. Reaper can be themed to change the look and feel though so you can find something your familiar with and that may help the curve a bit.

    • Jim Haas

      I’ve been using logic since v8 and have many projects on logic 9 ( very hands on ) and have just installed logic 10.1. Very steep learning curve, but the program is so deep and can do so much, I’ve even bailed on pro tools!

    • Brian Van Camp

      Thanks for all the useful info on your website. My question: I’m running Windows 7 32 bit with a Pentium 4 3.2Ghz Hyperthreading Processor and 4 GB RAM using 2 Delta 1010LT PCI sound cards as the audio interface providing up to 18 input potential. However, my projects are pretty much just songwriter demos using Midi Drums/Keys (EZ Drummer and KEYRIG) with recorded Guitars, Bass and Vocals but want the option to record live drums and such if necessary. Any potential issues using REAPER with this setup that you can foresee before I pull the trigger? Thanks, Brian

      • Brian Van Camp

        I forgot to mention that I am also using an M Audio Axiom 49 as a Midi control surface.

        • David

          Hey Brian, other than your system is a bit older I can’t foresee any issues. Here is the link though, you don’t need to spend a dime to find out if its all going to work. Download Reaper and find out.

          There is only one version of reaper and it is not a timed trial. It is a fully functional software download that will never stop working. The purchase in on the honor system. If you don’t buy it after 60 days, you’ll just continue to get a delayed popup window when you run it asking if your still evaluating. That version is exactly the same as the paid version.

          As far as your computer speed, I’m not aware of any other DAW that will run as efficient as Reaper does. So its your best bet for sure. Let me know how it goes.

          • Brian Van Camp

            Thanks for the quick response and info! I will give it a try and if it meets my needs I will be glad to pay the modest price of an individual license.

    • Jaya

      Hi Dave, do you know if there´s a way to expand Audacity with VSTi plugins, or is it true that Audacity simply doesn´t allow VSTi´s?
      I´d like to combine existing samples with my own recordings (vocals& virtual keyboard/drums/other instr).
      Being new to all this, I´ve been consulting and comparing online but I find it hard to come to a conclusion.
      So far I´m doubting between Reaper and FL Studio; could you give me your opinion and advice?
      Thanks a lot in advance, and great info you´re sharing!

      • David

        There may be a way to use VSTis in Audacity but I’m not aware of how. Audacity is not a true DAW as it also does not process and multitrack in real time. As far as what DAW, without question go with Reaper. I do all my projects with rePer now days.

        • Jaya

          Thanks a lot David.
          I´m about to download the 2-month trial version but doubting between 32 or 64bits;
          Do you know if it is true that most plugins & VSTi´s are still 32bit and therefore it´s better to download the 32-version even though I have Windows 8.1 64bits? Or would you recommend the 64bits?
          Again, thanks for sharing your knowledge and support!

          • David

            Hey Jaya, I run the 64bit version of Reaper on a Win7 64 bit version. The built in plug-ins that come with reaper are 64bit throughout. I also find that now days, many plug-ins have 65bit versions as well. I’ve personally run tests with reaper and found a noticeable performance in crease with the 64bit version vrs the 32 bit while running the 64bit plug-ins. Also reaper, unlike some DAW’s, can also run 32bit version plug-ins in the 64bit install.

    • Paula Slater

      Hello David,
      I’ve heard that Adobe Audition is the best for editing podcasts. From some of the demos I’ve seen, Adobe Audition looks visually appealing, but I am turned off by the monthly fee. I was hoping for a CD program and not a download. I am looking at Reaper because it seems reasonably priced. Is it difficult for beginners? I am not very technical. I put my money into the microphone- Heil Pro 40 and purchased a little mixer. I hope to eventually produce quality interviews with rich sound. Most of the interviews are on Skype, so I will need to be able to edit two tracks. I would appreciate some advice. Thank you

      • David

        Hey Paula, in my experience any DAW (digital audio workstation) is the best for editing a Podcast ;). It not really about what software you choose to use, its about how you use it. The Heil Pro 40 is a great mic, but even that won’t sound good if you don’t use it right. As far as software is concerned, I do all my shows with Reaper, as well as professional mixes and projects. With interviews on skype, Reaper is only limited by how fast your computer is. Editing 2 tracks will not even put a strain on most machines with reaper. I constantly edit and mix 50+ tracks at one time ;). Any DAW is going to take some time to learn. I’d suggest using reaper with one of the themes I’ve shown in this video for a slightly simpler interface.

    • Dan Updegraff

      I have Samplitude and am running into issues with its clunky implementation of automation curves. (Trouble selecting, copying points. Trouble aligning points with each other.)

      How do you like Reaper’s automation? Is it buggy like I described? Can it easily raise a flat level of a selected area similar to ProTools?

      Thanks Dave.


      • David

        I don’t consider it clunky at all personally. You do have to mark points before you can raise or lower your automation lines. Reaper does allow you to select how that line works like liner, sqare, bezier curve etc. So instead of selecting an area to automate like PT, with reaper you mark 3 points. A point before (this makes a start point for the automation to enable I believe) and then the start and finish point you want to draw. Using the default setting of “square” for new marker points you can then raise and lower that line between your 2 points as you can in PT. Reaper has quite a lot of options when it comes to automation. You can free hand draw them in as well by holding down the cntl key.

        • Dan Updegraff

          Sweet. Sounds much better than what I have. Thanks.

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