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The Ultimate Guide To:
Understanding Compression In The Home Music Studio

  • Discover what compression is so you can avoid confusion while trying to apply it.
  • Learn how compression plug-ins work so you can begin to get high quality results in your mixes today.
  • Get started using compression in your home music studio recordings now with several starter presets included.
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Mark Fordham Mark Fordham, Producer/Mix Engineer

“Excellent, clear explanation of what is going on - it has really opened a door that I have been battling to go through for more than a year now. ... Now I have the confidence to start experimenting and I feel at long last there is some light at the end of the tunnel as far as compression is concerned..."

Ray Manuel Ray Manuel, Artist/Producer/Mix Engineer

"Whats up man looking forward to see more helpful stuff, your compression e book helped me out in a great way, so I can understand compression better, not just tweakin knobs around…"

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