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Here's How You Can Use Compression to Create Full Mixes, Tights Lows, Perfectly Balanced Tracks, and Tame Vocals Sibilance Like an Industry Professional

What Every Home Recording Engineer Must Know About Using Compression

Professional Compression Technique

Frustrated with the poor quality results you're getting after spending hours trying to apply compression in your mixes?

...So you've endlessly tweaked controls, tried a million presets, followed every YouTube video you could find and you're still not happy with the sound of your tracks?

It's Not Your Fault.

Let's face it, with thresholds, ratios, attack/release, and tons of other compressor settings, it can be downright confusing.

In fact when I first started trying to use compression techniques in my own mixes more than 20 years ago, I remember almost losing my mind trying to get high quality results.

If you can relate to my story and any of what I've described above then know you're in good company.

There is good news though... doesn't have to be this way for you any longer!


Using Compression In The Home Music Studio a step-by-step guide that will take the confusion and headache out of applying compression and give you high quality results every time...

The truth about how Professionals are using compression...

Despite the almost unlimited way in which compression can be used, there are really only 5 specific professional techniques that engineers apply 90% of the time in their mixes.

In fact, if you start now you can be getting the same amazing quality results with compression in just minutes. These results will work with any recording software and with almost any compressor plugin.

Imagine what it would be like... apply the top 5 professional compression techniques in minutes not days. To easily create tight lows, full dynamic mixes with industry standard loudness. Mixes that sounded perfectly balanced and far from amatuer...

Finally after all the time I get it! Thank you soooo much... Now I can apply Compression without doing it a la trial and error. Thanks!

Denis Richard Jr. Denis Richard Jr.

My name is David Maxey and I've been a recording engineer now for the last 2 decades. Since launching Home Music Studio 1 in 2014, more than 1300 students have now learned to quickly get top notch results with the same 5 professional techniques I use in most all my own mixes.

Using Compression In The Home Music Studio is a step by step, easy to follow guide that will:

  • Add life, punch, and perceived volume to dull tracks.
  • Bring overall balance to tracks that are loud in some portions of a mix but quiet in others.
  • Correct loud sibilance (hot T's and S sounds) in vocal tracks without losing brightness and clarity.
  • Glue tracks together as one cohesive mix with punch and dynamics.
  • Give space to your bass guitar without sacrificing the definition and fullness of your kick drum.

One of the best tutorials for compressing, details and details, helpful stuff, thanks a lot!

Ziro Bajt Ziro Bajt

Some of the best advice out there!
...this has transformed my mixes entirely. Before, I thought I just didn't have the right gear... this... showed me how to use it, and use it effectively, to fatten mixes and get the best quality I can

Jason Rumley

Using Compression In The Home Music Studio premium training is rooted in ...

...years of industry proven professional techniques. These 5 techniques have been used for decades by mix engineers all over the world in virtually every style of music and they will work for you too!

Here's what you get inside...

Order now and you'll get instant access to these streaming/downloadable videos inside the members area.

  • Video 1: Controlling Dynamic Range - You'll learn how much compression is enough and exactly how to determine the best settings to achieve the right balance of volume and dynamics.
  • Video 2: Parallel Compression - In this video you'll learn a compression technique that brings overall balance to tracks that are loud in some portions of a mix but quiet in others.
  • Video 3: Vocal De-essing Compression - In this video you'll discover how to correct loud sibilance in vocal tracks without losing brightness and clarity. This is one of the most amatuer issue I see in home recordings that is easily fixed with compression.
  • Video 4: Mix Compression - This video is all about how to glue your tracks together as one cohesive mix with punch and dynamics. This technique works great on a master buss and several other keys areas.
  • Video 5: Side Chain Compression - In this video you'll learn one of the secret sauce compression techniques that give space to your bass guitar without sacrificing the definition and fullness of your kick drum.

Bonus Access!

Order Now And Get...

If you order Using Compression In the Home Music Studio right now, you'll also get free access to the Members only Home Music Studio 1 Facebook Group. Here you can get answers to your questions almost 24 hours a day. You'll be able to connect with other students from all over the world and benefit from the collective experience of the group.

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Thanks Dave for taking time to create this series of videos...I am going through the compression series right now, and have found that I may be able to use the de-essing technique with live sound as well.

Tommy Harris Tommy Harris

Still not sure?

No worries. Using Compression In The Home Music Studio comes with a...

I'm ready to prove that you can get professional results using compression. Order Using Compression In The Home Music Studio right now, and see it for yourself over the next 30 DAYS. If it's not worth more than your investment just let me know. I don't want your money, and I'll give every penny back. No hassles, this is my 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow long will I be able to access this training?

    Forever. Your are purchasing lifetime access to the Using Compression In The Home Music Studio premium tutorials. You can login to the members area of the site anytime and access your content on virtually any internet connected device 24/7.

  • q-iconWhat DAW (recording software) are you using in this training?

    Keep in mind that these 5 compression techniques are not specific to any single DAW. They are universal and will work with any recording software and compressor plugins. That said, I use the Reaper DAW in these premium tutorials.

  • q-iconWill this training be delivered to me or is it available online only?

    I do not offer DVD or any physical formats of this training. It is available instantly for streaming and download inside the members are of the site.

  • q-iconWhy only $17?

    If you’re wondering why only $17, what’s the catch? Let me put your mind at ease. There is no catch. I am considering this the start of a relationship. My goal is to work with those who are willing to take action thus I’m rewarding your effort with this discount.

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